Lucky Numbers - Fall

Supply: 99,000Minted:
Lucky Numbers is the collection of random numbers from 1-99, including 4 hotdrops, with a total supply of 396,000 NFTs. Each week, we will unveil one hotdrop, with each hotdrop representing a season of year. This week's hotdrop represents for Fall Se...


Welcome to the Season 2 of Multichain of Luck, where the theme of Lucky Numbers 1-99 promises a year filled with excitement and opportunities! It includes 4 hotdrops, with a total supply of 396,000 NFT. Each week, we will unveil one hotdrop, each hotdrop representing one season of year: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. This hotdrop represents for Fall season, with the following details:

Multichain of Luck - Season 2: Hotdrops 3

Supply: 99,000 NFT
Service fee: 0.04 VIC 
Gas fee: 0
Mint per wallet: 12

General Information 
💰Total reward: $12,500
⏰ Duration: March 1 - 29, 2024
🔑 Mint at https://dagora.xyz/hotdrops 
📂 Format: Sharepool

How to Join 

Follow these 3 easy steps for the amazing $12,500 rewards: 
Step 1: Access https://dagora.xyz/hotdrops 
Step 2: Connect your C98 VRC25 wallet and mint 12 NFTs.
Step 3: Check the lucky draw result every Friday on Coin98 Telegram & Discord channel

*Note: Don't forget to vote your number at https://coin98.xyz/LuckyVote 

Terms & Conditions:
For additional details, please refer to our Terms and Conditions at: http://coin98.xyz/EnLuckynumbers 

Full details campaign at: http://coin98.xyz/EnLuckynumbers 

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