Multichain of Luck 2024

Supply: 1,000,000Minted:
The 'Multichain of Luck 2024' NFT collection consists of 1,000,000 unique NFTs exclusively available to participants in the Multichain of Luck 2024 Campaign hosted by Coin98 Super Wallet. Each wallet is granted 3 mints per day, offering them opportun...


General Information 
💰Total reward: $46,250 in C98
⏰ Duration: 15 days, from 12:00 Feb 2 to 23:59 Feb 16, 2024 (GMT +7) 
🔑 Mint at coin98.xyz/lucky2024 
📂 Format: FCFS and Sharepool 

Campaign Guide:
Follow our 3 steps of “MINT - COLLECT - SEND" to secure your share of rewards. Each wallet is limited to 3 mints per day and mint limits may vary on special days. 
Step 1: MINT NFTs
+ Visit coin98.xyz/lucky2024
+ Connect your VRC25 wallet
+Mint NFTs from the “Multichain of Luck 2024” Hotdrops 
+ Note: Each mint costs a service fee of 0.08 VIC.
Step 2: COLLECT NFTs through minting or trading to win corresponding rewards:
+ 2 C98 NFT: 2 C98 (FCFS) 
+ Three-of-a-Kind Collection (3 similar Zodiacs): $2 (FCFS)
+ Cat, Goat, Pig Collection: $5 (FCFS)
+ Full Collection of 12 Zodiac NFTs: Sharepool of $8,000 
Step 3: SEND a complete NFT collection to Coin98’s official wallet with details as below in a single transaction and wait for the results:
+ Wallet address: 0xbf5fae4c0b5c0f26320d9c572201d47d4e682b60
+ OneID: lucky2024.c98 (for sending on Coin98 Super Wallet only)

Terms & Conditions:
For additional details, please refer to our Terms and Conditions at: https://coin98.xyz/bloglucky2024en

Twitter (X): https://twitter.com/coin98_wallet
Telegram (EN): https://t.me/coin98wallet
Telegram (VI): https://t.me/coin98wallet_vn
Support: https://livechat.coin98.com/



Mint Schedule